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By September 30, all content delivered to Myspace by labels or aggregators including TuneCore will be removed.

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Artists will still be able to upload content directly to Myspace but unfortunately we are no longer able to distribute content to this store. MySpace Music empowers MySpace users to access a vast catalog of ad-supported, full-length, on-demand audio and video streams. Users can add songs from the MySpace Music catalog to their profile pages, create and share playlists, and even purchase MP3 downloads powered by Amazon MP3 and iTunes and ringtones powered by Jamster , when available.

It’s Not Too Late — Here’s How To Find Your Old Myspace Photos Right Now

However, with their new site, the "Buy" options have not been implemented yet. While these streams are free to users, they are ad-supported, and you will get paid an aggressively negotiated share of MySpace Music's ad revenue related to your web traffic for, in effect, doing what you're doing already - maintaining your MySpace page and using it to engage with and grow your audience. If you opt-in to the MySpace Music service through TuneCore, the music you deliver to TuneCore will be included in the MySpace Music service and will therefore be eligible for a share of ad revenue.

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All sales that are generated in iTunes and Amazon MP3 from the buy buttons in your MySpace Music player will appear as normal in your sales reports. The buy buttons are simply links redirecting to the respective stores.

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Myspace has introucuded a new service called "My Radio". According to the FTC, MySpace LLC led millions of users in the wrong direction about how the social network shared and protected their personal information that was collected via their personal profiles.

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This information was used to link web-browsing activity to the user. MySpace LLC provides their privacy policy statements, which have not been revised since December 7th, These sections, in essence, advised its users that MySpace LLC would not share information for purposes other than those noted under each section, and that prior to use a user would be notified. Furthermore, another section promised that individual users would not be personally identified to third-parties, especially when it came to sharing web-browsing activity that was not anonymous.

The privacy page further explains that MySpace is in compliance with the U.

Department of Commerce. In other words, MySpace was not practicing what they preached.

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