How to find long lost relatives

Of course, not every case is the same, and there are those who, for various reasons, will not be reconciled. Using our service gives the person sought freedom to decide how to proceed, and gives both parties a confidential space to explore whether contact should be maintained. Sometimes people prefer not to have direct contact in the first instance.

If this is case, relatives may correspondence via our office for as long as is needed. The obvious place to start is with the information you have.

How I used technology to find my long-lost family

A street address, phone number, or email address may reap instant rewards. Also, when you try to contact people through out-of-date addresses or phone numbers, there is always the chance someone at the other end will know something about the person you seek.

You can also try Googling your relative. If you find him, you may not get direct contact information, but you may get an idea of the region of country where he or she now lives, or the industry he or she works in.

Popular Searches

You can then start with directory assistance for phone numbers or the white pages for an address. The more data you can enter in a search engine, the better. If Jane Jones is a lawyer, enter that information, too. Your efforts might be rewarded — or you might find someone who knows John Smith or Jane Jones. Some experts recommend beginning the search by logging onto the Social Security death index.

This will let you know if your relative is still alive and, if not, will save you a lot of time. Once you have established that your relative or friend is living, try one of the many people directories online, most of which are free. These literally have millions of entries that often include telephone numbers and email addresses.


Sometimes the best way to find a long-lost relative or friend is through MySpace, Facebook, or another social network. A friend of a friend may be your best source.

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Depending on the age of your relative or friend, you might want to contact his or her parents. Give them a call!

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Enter your email address to receive delicious, family-friendly recipes, exciting promotions, helpful articles and more delivered right to your mailbox. What could be better? If other Facebook users have information, they can get in touch.

Find Lost Relatives

Genealogy website FamilyTreeNow. To start your search, navigate to the home page and input the person's first name, last name and city or state into the search fields.

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  • The information you get depends on what's available in the public records, but the standard free search usually returns an address, phone number, work information, email address and even the name of your relative's spouse and children. There's no need to register, and you don't have to take out a subscription to get up-to-date contact information.

    Pipl is a search engine that reaches into the "deep web," or pages that aren't indexed on Google. Essentially, it's looking at social media profiles, corporate databases and pages that belong to private individuals, a well as the usual public records, to find a person. Search by typing your relative's name into the search field.

    A basic free search will typically return the person's address, phone number, employer, age and education.