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This could be either a friend or a family member. But there are other cases where you may need to run an active warrant search.

On a new coach for your child or possible new love interest. Whatever your reasons are, you can easily search for warrants easily online. You can try and run a free arrest warrant search directly from a county website. A quick look at your county website should let you know if an online search is possible. Try contacting your local sheriff department. They may also be able to provide the information your searching for.

A judge will order a criminal warrant on a person suspected of committing a crime. Remember that there was probable cause that the crime was committed by this person.


There is a lot of talk about if an unpaid ticket happens can I have a warrant issued for my arrest. And the answer is yes. People may forget to pay a traffic ticket and not even realize they have a warrant out for their arrest until they get stopped again. You may want to run a quick arrest warrant check on yourself. A search warrant is just what it sounds like. These warrants are issued by a judge which allows the law agencies the right to search for a specific item or person within a specific local.

There are time frames that the warrant must be used by or it will expire.

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Law agencies do not have to make their self-known and can legally enter an area or premise without knocking or letting their presence known. I seen something saying returned not served. Meagen M Winters Portland Oregon 28 years old. We do show there is an Oregon arrest warrant for a Meagen Marie Winters. We also show Oregon misdemeanor and felony charges for this person.

Do you have a middle name we can also reference so we can narrow down the results? You might also check with your local sheriff department or county courthouse clerk to verify this information. There are no active Virginia warrants for the names you mentioned.

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Would you please tell me if I have an arrest warrant in Georgia? Joy Simpson, 51 could be under marital name Lane. Thank you so much! Also, would you please check Greenville County SC for an outstanding arrest warrant on me too? Thanks again! We did not find any warrants in either state for you in our database. Would really appreciate it if you would check for any arrest warrants on me in Georgia and SC.

My age is Can you provide a middle name so we can narrow down the results? Simpson Lane, Could you check both names-Simpsonand Lane? Please checkboth states for both of us.

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Every time I answer a question the administrator asks, it starts me back over. I do show there is a warrant for James Edward Lane in Georgia for theft as well as drug charges from We do not show any warrants in South Carolina. Checking on a warrant for kelly r brown in whitley county ky. Maiden name is gibbins. You might also want to check with your local sheriff department to verify this information. If this is a recent warrant it might not be posted on the public record websites just yet. We do not show any active warrants for Nestor Vallejo in our New York warrant record database. You might also want to check with your local New York sheriff department to verify this information.

We do not show any active New York warrants for Sean Assanah but you should also confirm this with your local county court clerk or New York sheriff department as sometimes warrant information is delayed. Write me back as soon as possible thanks. You can also contact the Georgia sheriff department for additional information about pending warrants. We do show there is an arrest charge and possible warrant in Washington State for a drug charge.

You should also confirm this with your local Washington sheriff department to verify this information. Unfortunately we only show there is a warrant but not the specifics of the warrant. You might consider contacting the sheriff department or the county court to mitigate your situation. We do not put anything on your records for inquiring about any public record. All searches are anonymous and confidential.

This is a common name with multiple hits in our NC warrant database.

About Free Warrant Search Records

Can you also provide us with his middle name and age so we can filter our results. We are happy to check for you but we will need to know what state and county you suspect you have a warrant in. We do show there are multiple warrant listings for Christina Chandler in Kentucky. Can you provide us with your middle name so we can filter the results for your Kentucky arrest warrant search. Thank You. You can also contact the county sheriff office in each state to inquire about warrant information as well.

There are occasions where active arrest warrants are delayed when make available for 3rd party databases. You can also check with the Louisiana sheriff website to verify this information. Public Records

Sometimes this can be done anonymously. We do show a Kentucky warrant for a William C Bedford for driving under the influence. Please reach out if there are any additional Kentucky public records we can assist you with. We do not show that there is a California warrant for you in Alameda according to our California warrant database. You can also check with the Alemeda county sheriff department.

Landry or Evangeline Parish? We do show a Louisiana warrant for a David Jerome Frank. Unfortunately we do not show the circumstances or what type of warrant this is.

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You can find out more information by contacting the St. We do show there is an active Colorado arrest warrant for a Javier Anthony Vargas.

Check Active Arrest Warrants For Any Person!

The charges we show in our database are for Driving After Revocation Prohibited. If you feel like you might have a bench warrant then your best course of action is to contact the relevant LA county court clerk to inquire about this.


Contact the LA county courthouse clerk 2. Request a bench warrant search from the clerk 3. Provide your full name and DOB 4. Find out if you have a bench warrant in LA. Age 23 Knoxville tennessee. Hello, Can you please tell me if there are any warrants for carolyn osman Carolyn L. Osman age 41 in either AL or IN? We did not get any hits in our warrant database for either of those states Carolyn.

The county court clerk and the relevant state police department are other places you can perform a warrant search.