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What is a Tax Identification Number / TIN?

The Internal Revenue Service issues employer federal identification numbers and administers federal payroll and income taxes, including social security, Medicare, federal unemployment insurance and federal income tax withholding. Home Business Programs Business Entities.

Tax Information

Tax Information There are several agencies that administer a variety of taxes for businesses in the State of California. You need to keep an eye on your competition, make a list of performance goals and objectives, supervise your employees, market your products and more.

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Before getting started, though, it's necessary to legalize your business and obtain certain permits and licenses. If you're planning to start a company in Indiana, you must pay taxes at the state and federal levels. Business owners can obtain an Indiana taxpayer identification number from the state's department of revenue.

Answer all applicable questions, submit the BT-1 form and print a copy. Your application will be processed within six weeks , and once registered as a business, you will be assigned a tax ID number. If you need help filling out the form, call between 8 a.

Applying for an Indiana taxpayer identification number is just one of the many steps required to start a business. Depending on what products and services you offer, you may also need to pay sales tax, use tax, withholding tax, alcohol excise tax and more. For example, if you rent heavy equipment, there's a tax for it.


Difference Between a Tax ID, Employer ID, and ITIN

Also, be aware that it's required to file the BT-1 form for each business location. This state has over different licenses and certifications applicable to running various businesses.

You may contact the State Information Center at to inquire about the business licenses required in Indiana. ITIN's are for tax reporting purposes only; the number cannot be used for identification purposes.

Using an EIN to Look Up a Company

Although it's labeled as an identifier for "employers," you don't have to have employees to need an EIN. In addition to being used for paying business income taxes, an Employer ID is used for other situations:. Read more about when your business might need an EIN.

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Banks often require a new business to have an EIN before they can open a business bank account. To apply for an Employer Id Number EIN , use one of these four easy application methods , including an online application. If you do business in a state, including having income, hiring employees or selling goods or services , you will also need to get a state tax identification number for other state identification purposes, like sales taxes.

This number is issued when you register with your state department of revenue. A credit privacy number CPN is used in place of a Social Security Number, in some cases, to keep transactions more private.

TIN/EIN Information

There are pros and cons to using a CPN. They are often marketed as helping you improve your credit rating, but that's not true. They may have some benefit in specific situations.